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Family Tree Design creates unique posters from your genealogy research.

Each poster is an organic work of art—truly a stunning keepsake that will be treasured for generations.
Frame and display your family tree and let the conversation begin!


Family Tree Poster Design

  • An original work of art created from your family research
  • A high-resolution print-ready poster PDF file

        – Send the file to a local shop for printing

        – Save on Shipping

        – Print to Poster Paper, Canvas, or even Wall Paper (YOU CHOOSE)

        – Get it framed or not (YOU CHOOSE)

  • A low-resolution jpg file to share

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in no particular order

What is a GEDCOM file?

When your family research is done online (Ancestry, myheritage) or in a genealogy application (Family Tree Maker, Reunion, Roots Magic) you can export the information as data in a GEDCOM file. Usually this is not difficult. Some sample instructions for exporting are available here for download





My research is in papers, an old book, written out—definitely not in digital format. What now?

There are a few options that we can help with!

  • Get a free account at and start entering everything you know there. When done see Q1 above.
  • Scan all your papers and send them to us and we can provide Transcription services
    (a 2 hour block is $50 CAD/$38 USD*)
  • Give us some starting facts (you, mom, dad & grandparents) and we can provide Genie Online Research (a 5 hour block is  $150 CAD/$110 USD*). Note we are not certified Genealogy Professionals.
  • Take the plunge and get a membership to Ancestry or buy a family history application and start your research. click here to download a helpful PDF that you can fill out what you know (electronically or printed).





I see that I will receive electronic files when you are done. I really want a printed poster. Can I get that?

You will receive a high-resolution PDF with your tree design. The benefit is no cost for shipping, not to mention that you can arrange printing with any large format Printer near to you (Typically Sign-A-Rama, FedEx, Signs-R-us).

  • Family Tree Design can also make arrangements to print and ship at an additional cost. Pricing is dependent on the size of tree and where you are. Please request a quote at
  • You can order prints through, and other online canvas prints. Please request a free Canvas-ready jpg when you order your poster and we will send you a file for uploading to a canvas print service.


My Gedcom file is too big for email. How else can I send it?

Free Upload service is here: Your file comes directly to Family Tree Design. Put your family name in the subject line please!


What happens after my poster is done and someone gets married or I discover another branch of my tree. What about new babies and the passing of elders?

Families are always changing. That’s a good thing! Family Tree Design will archive your art and be able to recall it to make changes.

  • Minor design updates and changes are available (1 hour block is $25 CAD/$20 USD*)
  • Relative additions such as new branches or more than a few complete new circles are available (1 hour block $40 CAD/$30 USD*)


I’m so new I just don’t know what to do or where to start. What’s the best plan?

See Q2 above. Take a deep breath and just do it! Here are some great links to free sites that will help you get started.

Helpful Links


How to Order





Attach your GEDCOM file (or provide alternative research)

Make a deposit

Circles = Families

Circles of families are exclusively created from your GEDCOM file. Your circles are creatively interpreted and a tree with limbs and branches emerges–each tree is unique.


The parents are at the top in BOLD TYPE, followed

by the children below. As a child marries, they

get their own circle and start their own family

AND the generation colour of the circle changes.



  • Each circle with parents & children represents TWO generations:






  • Identify siblings by the string of circles in the same generation colour
  • Details include parent birthplaces, multiple marriages, the years of birth, death and marriage, and children
  • Backgrounds are chosen to artistically enhance your family story
  • You may provide personal items (photos, coat of arms, poetry)

Poster Pricing & More





Genie Dream


Family Tree Design Poster

UP TO 150 Relatives



* Prices in USD may change according to exchange rates.

Orders are subject to Canadian Goods & Services Tax (GST) of 5%.

Family Tree Design Poster


151–300 Relatives


* Prices in USD may change according to exchange rates.

Orders are subject to Canadian Goods & Services Tax (GST) of 5%.

Family Tree Design Poster

301–500 Relatives



* Prices in USD may change according to exchange rates.

Orders are subject to Canadian Goods & Services Tax (GST) of 5%.

Family Tree Design Poster


501–999 Relatives


* Prices in USD may change according to exchange rates.

Orders are subject to Canadian Goods & Services Tax (GST) of 5%.

Family Tree Design Poster

1000+ Relatives



* Prices in USD may change according to exchange rates.

Orders are subject to Canadian Goods & Services Tax (GST) of 5%.





Our Family Tree Design Story

Sue Sullivan, Graphic Designer and owner of FMS Creative Inc, was bit by the genealogy bug in 2010 and after several months of uncovering great aunts and third cousins (twice removed), inspiration struck. What would an extended family tree look like? As a visual person, a line chart simply would not do. Sue wanted something visceral, a bold picture that told the story of generations. This was the genesis of Family Tree Design (formerly FMS Family Trees).


Sue’s experiment began with her Cross Family. As she worked, her design grew into exactly what she visualized, something that was attractive and made it easy to see how everyone fit together. Her next project, the Brodie Tree, was much more complex. With multiple marriages, abundant children, and more Robert Brodies that you could shake a stick at, she restarted three times before completing a glorious tree that featured over 600 families.


Of course, the trees became the envy of Sue’s genealogy circle. After the umpteenth request, she figured out a way to streamline the “family circles” by authoring an algorithm. What was an overwhelming process is now mechanized to allow the team to focus on designing “original art” for every family tree poster. The new generation of posters are smaller and frameable. Perfect for hanging in your home and opening the conversation to your family history. We have now added “Genie Dream Trees” to the Posters you can order to fulfill the grand dreams of genealogy addicted folk like Sue.



FMS Creative Inc.

FMS Creative was founded in 1998. Using her incredible determination and business skills, she began throwing her passion into different design projects. Sue’s mission was simple: to create inspiring design that met her client’s special vision. Today, she holds her entire team to this standard. Her boutique studio embraces diverse styles, techniques, and influences, to create work that’s visually stunning and just a bit surprising—to help client’s capture the right kind of attention. FMS Creative is the graphic outsource SOLUTION for in-house Marketing.



Visit to learn more about the Sue and her professional graphics studio.



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